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By Molly McGonigle

Regis Philbin's loyal sidekick and an exercise fanatic, Kelly Ripa is no stranger to the spotlight. And in her latest venture, Ripa has teamed up with Electrolux to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund by building virtual banana splits. What does Kelly think the best part is? That they're fat-free of course! Ripa talks with Wonderwall about her Ssplits campaign, desserts and how to stay in such great shape.

Wonderwall: Tell us a little bit about your split campaign.

Kelly Ripa: Oh the split campaign is just a really great way to sort of raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research Funds. And to introduce a new luxury product from Electrolux. What we have are side-by-side, freestanding, gorgeous refrigerator and freezer. They have giant, enormous capacity. They're both individually the same size as a fridge and freezer combined. So they really maximize the amount of stuff that you can put in there. And they're super energy efficient. And to introduce that we are launching a virtual banana split campaign that you can send when you log on to What you do is send a virtual banana split. And when you do that Electrolux will donate $1 to Ovarian Cancer Research Fund and we're working towards our goal of $750,000. And anytime you send one you are automatically entered to win the freezer and refrigerator. I don't know if you can see it, but it's gorgeous and super-sized. And every day there will be a winner of a day that will win fun summertime treats, you know freezie things. So that every day someone is going to win and, then at the end, there will be a grand-prize winner who will walk away with a fridge and freezer. Its fat-free. These virtual sundaes are fat free so you don't have to feel guilty.

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WW: Why is ovarian cancer research something that is important to you?

KR: I think mainly, primarily because I'm a woman. I'm a mother. I'm a daughter. I'm a sister. I just feel like so little is known about the early warning signs of ovarian cancers. So its often misdiagnosed or ignored until its too late. And when caught early, ovarian cancer is entirely treatable and curable but so often is caught too late. And when it's late diagnosis, there are very few people who recover from the disease. I think its important to get the message out there so women know to listen to their bodies and to insist to their doctors to listen to their bodies.

WW: What's on your ultimate banana split?

KR: Pizza. No. My ultimate banana split would have vanilla ice cream, caramel or butterscotch. Whip creamed and wet walnuts. That is my favorite. I'm not too big into the hot fudge. I'm not big into chocolate ice cream. I do like strawberry. I'm kinda plain with that stuff. But I do love the caramel versus the hot fudge.

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WW: What's your favorite dessert to make with your kids?

KR: My favorite dessert. You know its funny. In the summertime we make homemade ice cream. Which is great. We only do it in the summer, obviously. It's when you want ice cream. But we make -- were big into the cupcake. My kids love that sort of thing. And lately I've been into this red-white-and-blue salad. Its blueberries, watermelon and little feta cheese. Just in time for the Fourth of July. It's really, really good. My kids pick around the cheese though.

WW: What's your favorite thing to order from Serendipity?

KR: This is not going to be a surprise to you. The frozen hot chocolate naturally. Even though I'm not a chocolate lover, it's the only place where I really do enjoy chocolate. I think it's the best dessert that they have there. But it's also the best dessert on the planet.

WW: How do you stay in such great shape and still indulge in things like banana splits?

KR: I splurge on calories like that very rarely. Like today was a special day. But I very rarely have dessert or have that kind of sugar. I try not to do it: I'm one of the people that can't have just one bite. I have to eat the whole thing. And I exercise a lot. I work out a lot, seven days a week. So I guess that keeps me in pretty good shape. I try to have everything in moderation. I try not to overindulge in any one thing. But I think the key -- its primarily diet and diet helps to tone up your muscles and all that. And its good for your heart. Try to do that for all the right reasons.

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WW: If you could be friends with any famous person, who would it be?

KR: I swear I don't know any famous people. I really don't. All of them! All of my friends are the people I work with and the parents of my kids friends. That's how it is, I think in everybody's household. Whether you're famous, or work in a library, or you're a movie star. I think you have your friends who you work with. And your friends of your kids' parents. Its just the way it is I don't know why it happens that way. I think, though, it'd be Madonna. I just think it would be exciting.

WW: Any last-minute things you want people to know about this new campaign?

KR: Just get out there. And please log on to kelly-confidential because you would be doing a lot of good for a lot of people, especially Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. And you could walk away with a really great refrigerator and freezer. And again, it's fat-free!