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By Jessica Wedemeyer

No bridezilla here! Kelly Rowland may be gearing up for her wedding to fiance Tim Witherspoon, but so far the Destiny's Child alum has been "very mellow" about the stressful process of wedding planning, she tells Wonderwall. The singer also dished on her decision to chop her long locks, why she wants to look more like Jessica Biel, why Jennifer Lopez is one of her favorite fashion icons and more while promoting the Caress #CaressMe campaign. Keep reading for the highlights or watch the full interview above.

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On wedding planning:

"We're not going crazy with wedding planning. We're just keeping it very mellow!"

On how her upcoming wedding has affected the romantic vibe of the new music she's planning to record this summer:

"I love romance. I'm a romantic at heart, and I will say that [my wedding] will be a ceremony for me and my sweetheart."

On why she chopped her long locks:

"I just wanted to try something different and chop my hair off. … It needed to happen! I had the worst experience: I tried to color my own hair. And I needed to cut all of my hair off [after]. … It was damaged. It was so, so bad because I thought I could color my hair by myself. That wasn't a good idea! ... I've cut my hair before. I've had my hair [cut in a] pixie -- that's actually the way my look was introduced [when] I was in Destiny's Child, with a short haircut. So from short hair to this length to long hair, I just like to try it all. I think we shouldn't be afraid to try something new."

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On her No. 1 beauty tip:

"Water -- [you] gotta moisturize and hydrate! I think it's the fountain of youth, to be completely honest. … I have to make a conscious effort to continue to drink water. I actually drink water like it's a job. It's really important. It keeps us young. It keeps us hydrated. It's really what our body needs. It the best way of cleansing the body."

On how she stays in such great shape:

"Water, a lot of Pilates, cardio, just changing up my workout -- and I have wonderful incredible people around me."

On her favorite style icons:

"Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and my stylist Marni Senofonte -- she has the best style. I like Jennifer Lopez's style as well -- not just the classics. But I do love how clean and beautiful and just timeless [their] looks are."

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On the spring fashion trends she's totally loving right now:

"That we're using yellow. I feel like yellow just brightens my day, whether it's seeing it on somebody else or even having it on myself. I love it. I just feel [like a] child of sunshine. It's a really good feeling."

On her big-screen ambitions:

"I'm finally ready to take on a script. Before, I was so hesitant about it because I wanted to have time. But somebody recently told me, 'You make time for the things you want to make time for.' I'm ready for that. So we'll see what happens. … I'd love to do an action film. You gotta be super-buff like Jessica Biel for one of those -- or Angelina Jolie. But, yeah, an action film would be cool. A romantic comedy would be delightful."

On her addiction to body products:

"I am completely addicted to body products. That's happened ever since my mom introduced me to beauty products. Actually, Caress has been in our cabinets for years, so it's really cool to actually have the opportunity to be able to team up with them for this specific campaign."