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Kelsey Grammer says he was eager to divorce his longtime wife Camille in 2010 because their marriage had become like a jail sentence for him.

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Grammer wed Camille Donatacci in 1997 and spent 13 years in the marriage until the union began to dissolve in 2010 after Grammer helped land his wife a spot on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," just before heading to New York for a stint on Broadway.

He later left her for his current wife, Kayte Walsh.

The pair's nasty breakup played out on-screen and in the media, and now the actor even refuses to mention his former wife's name.

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Opening up about their tumultuous relationship during an interview on "Oprah's Next Chapter," which aired Sunday, he said, "It's not good, but we have an arrangement with the children ... that I'm fairly happy with. ... I don't want to say a lot of bad things, but some very bad things were said, some threats were made, and some extremely unacceptable behavior took place in front of the children, which makes it impossible for us to pretend we can be civil."

He added, "My only sadness is actually about the kids. They've heard a lot of things, they've been dealing with a lot of things and they're still told a lot of things, on a daily basis, that aren't true."

Grammer confessed the only reason their marriage lasted 13 years was because he was too stubborn to go through with the legal proceedings.

He adds, "I stayed because I was stubborn. ... I was not in it, or happy in it, for a long, long time. It pretty much was over as soon as it began. ... I thought it was kind of a self-imposed sentence, like I had been sentenced to it in a weird way, by myself. Getting out, the promise of something different, didn't exist."

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