Kendra Wilkinson's a shy girl?

During her days as Hugh Hefner's girlfriend, the 26-year-old posed in the buff several times for Playboy. She's also the first to dish on her sex life with hubby Hank Baskett. But the bubbly blonde says she's "more conservative than people think."

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"Yeah I say the word -- sex sex sex," she told in an interview published Friday. "I actually get shy, if it's anything past the word sex, that's when I blush."

"To tell you the truth, whenever I used to pose for Playboy I used to get so, so scared and I used to cover up and I'd be like 'hurry up!'" she said. "I was very proud, but at the same time I never got used to being naked. I never did and I will never do it again."

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But Wilkinson isn't ashamed of her history. She plans to be completely open with her 20-month-old son Hank Jr. on her Playboy past and drug abuse as a teen. 

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"The drugs that I went through and Playboy -- it's all stuff that he's going to face on his own anyway, so why not talk about it and beat everybody to the punch," she said. "I want him to learn about it before everyone else teaches him about it in the wrong way, I'm that type of person and I think it’s better to talk than not to in this day and age."

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