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The war between sisters Kyle Richards and Kim Richards may actually be going from bad to worse.

During the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion special, the feuding sisters "came in guns blazing," according to Us Weekly.

"Kim and Kyle were screaming at each other from across the couches," a source told the magazine. "People were shocked. It was bad."

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And this isn't all just for ratings. Of the bad blood among the sisters, Kyle Richards recently told that "it's unfortunately true." It's also been reported that the sisters don't speak, which Us Weekly echoed.

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"Kim and Kyle have no relationship outside of the show," another source told Us. "That's the only time they talk."


However, Kim didn't just have her sister in her crosshairs. She also went after costar Lisa Rinna.

"There is some major bad blood between them," according to Us, adding the Kim "went at it" with Lisa.

Kim, it seems, has one supporter in the house — fellow "Housewife" lightning rod Brandi Glanville.

"Brandi and Kim are still friends. They're on their own island," the source said. "Everyone else is against them."