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Antonio Calanni / Invision/AP 1 / 16

Pre-wedding jitters?

Kim Kardashian certainly isn't getting cold feet about saying "I do" to Kris Humphries at their Aug. 20 wedding, but the bride-to-be admitted she worried about walking down the aisle by herself on her big day. 

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"I was so nervous to walk down the aisle by myself," she told "Extra" host, Mario Lopez, Sunday backstage at the VH1 Do Something Awards in Los Angeles. "For some reason I wasn't thinking, like, 'Oh, Bruce [Jenner] will be there right with me,' so I was thinking, 'I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna faint, oh my God, my train!'"

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Kim's biological dad, Robert, passed away in 2003 to esophageal cancer at the age of 59. Her mother, Kris, has been married to Jenner, 61, since 1991.

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On Father's Day, Kim blogged about the holiday being "bittersweet" for her. "Each year I miss my dad so much," she said. "When we were younger, my dad would go around the dinner table and ask us each the peak and pit of our day. The peak of my day today is knowing that I have a loving, supportive father figure in Bruce, who treats me and my sisters as if we were his own. Bruce, I love you!"