Jeff Steinberg / Bruja, / Pacific Coast News 1 / 8
Jeff Steinberg / Bruja, / Pacific Coast News 1 / 8

She's baaaaaaaack!

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Kim Kardashian returned to Los Angeles on Friday following a shorter-than-expected promotional stop in Australia, where getting back "to work" on the heels of her shocking split proved to be too emotional. Kim's arrival at LAX -- along with that of Khloe and Lamar Odom -- was pure chaos as her entourage attempted to weave through a crush of photographers. And if the swarm of shutterbugs is any sign of things to come, then it will be nearly impossible for the newly single reality starlet to "step back a bit," as she had planned.

Kris Humphries, on the other hand, has had more success at keeping a low profile this week. The basketballer, who was reportedly blindsided by divorce proceedings, was spotted at a Minnesota gym on Nov. 3. But the real news is not his workout regimen; it's the fact that he was no longer sporting his wedding band.

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While Humphries and his family have remained mum about the divorce, Kris Jenner has been ubiquitous -- and fiercely protective of her brood -- this week, as she makes the rounds to promote her new memoir, "Kris Jenner... And All Things Kardashian." In an attempt to drum up sympathy for her daughter, Kris told The Associated Press that Kim is suffering.

"She takes a great deal of pride in her business relationships, and she's let a lot of people down, especially her family, she feels, on a personal level," she said. Jenner also took aim at Humphries, calling him an "Indian giver" for expecting his pricey $2 million engagement ring back, though she admitted she hasn't talked to him since Kim filed for divorce on Monday, and she's not even sure if Kim has either.

On the matter of emotions, Kris Jenner is encouraging the public to keep theirs in check. She says that people should refrain from judging her daughter over making the "difficult" and "painful" decision to divorce. But that's not the only lesson she wants everyone to learn.

"The public needs to be patient," she told AOL. "More will be revealed."

Hear that, Kris Jenner? It's the sound of the clock ticking. We'll be waiting.

And in the meantime, she says, life goes on. "Just because somebody is getting a divorce doesn't mean life is over," she told AP. "She's not the first person to get a divorce, and she won't be the last, no matter what the length of the marriage."

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