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Don't "waist" your time blaming Kim Zolciak Biermann's Transient Ischemic Attack on one of her favorite accessories.

After the reality star suffered what she referred to as a "mini stroke," many wondered if her love of her waist trainer had something to do with setting off the complications.

On Oct. 15, Kim blasted the skeptics by posting a photo to her Instagram account while wearing a purple waist trainer. She then went into detail about her medical event, all while defending her favorite waist-tightening tool.

"Good morning!!!!" she began, "You guys know I love my @nowaistclique waist trainer, I have heard all sorts of ppl commenting on 'what might have caused my mini stroke' let me be real clear, I am a very healthy woman who takes great care of myself, however I was born with PFO (a hole in my heart) which enabled a clot to cross over and stop oxygen to my brain for a very short time in turn causing me to have a TIA, I will be having heart surgery to repair it."

She continued, "By no means did my waist trainer cause my blood clot or my TIA. I would never use anything nor promote anything that I personally didn't love or something that was dangerous. I LOVE LIFE WAY TOO MUCH! and I have a whole lotta living to do. #KeepItTight #Hourglass #CommentRudeIBlockYou #HeartAwareness #THANKYOUFORALLYOURPRAYERS."