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Kirstie Alley has already lost 20 pounds and is now revealing how many more pounds she wants to shed!

"I want to lose about 60 more pounds," the actress said today on "Good Morning America." "I love the challenge, I love the pressure. It feels like the same competitive spirit as being an athlete."

Alley says her weight gain has to do with nothing more than habit.

"I'd love to say some man did me wrong," she said. "But I think I had the same bad habit I had my whole life. "I was raised with that. Every night after dinner we'd finish dinner and have popcorn and candy bars and Cokes."

And despite the fact that she wants to lose 60 more pounds, Alley says everyone needs to just do what's right for them.

"I think everyone needs to be in a place where they feel good," she said. "I want to find that place where I feel good for me."

Alley's new reality series, "Big Life," premieres on A&E this Sunday.

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