Between her height and gorgeous curves, Kaela Humphries is the perfect choice for Ford's plus-size model division. But that could change if NBA star Kris Humphries' older sis, 29, keeps slimming down.

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"I've been working with a trainer and lost 30 pounds over the past six months," she told BuzzFeed. "My goal was not necessarily to lose weight, but you want to be at consistent measurements."

Humphries, who made an appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in the midst of her brother's courtship with Kim Kardashian (they famously split after 72 days of marriage) also opened up about her unique appearance.

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"I'm biracial so I looked different growing up as a young kid. I was always tan and people were like, 'why are you tan?' Well, I'm half-black."

And while she insists that she loves her body and "wouldn't trade it for anything in the world," she gets annoyed when people write nasty things about her online.

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"I've refrained from reading posts on Twitter because I'm actually a nice person and people are so mean. Sometimes people are like, wow she needs to work out. I'm a size 16/18 because I'm a DDD in the chest."

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