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Kris Jenner may have sensed change was on the horizon, but that didn't make it any easier for her to officially learn that her ex-husband was transitioning from a man to a woman.

Kris, of course, knew that media had been reporting and speculating about it for over a year, but she "just couldn't emotionally handle it all when he finally came out with it," a source told PEOPLE magazine for its latest cover story.

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"Regardless of whatever signs there were, it's a really hard pill to swallow," the insider told the magazine. "She truly went through a mourning period. And they really don't talk now."

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Now, though, the former couple who was married for 23 years has virtually no contact anymore, largely due to their divorce, but also because of Bruce's reported gender reassignment. Recently it was reported that Bruce's transition has created a "divide" between the Jenner and Kardashian sides of the family.

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The source even hinted that Kris is likely frustrated with not only Bruce's decision, but also that she wasn't really involved in it.

"Bruce feels like Kris is used to getting her own way," the source said, "and going ahead with his transition was not probably part of her plans."