In real life Kristen Bell is dating co-star Dax Shepard, but did Fergie's hubby Josh Duhamel sweep her off her feet on screen? It's the flip of a coin and ET's Kevin Frazier tries to get all the answers at the 'When in Rome' premiere on Wednesday night in LA.

In the film, a single Kristen travels to Rome for her sister's wedding, where she meets Josh. Determined to find love in the romantic European city, she tosses a coin into a mystical fountain. Wanting more of the power to rub off on her, she jumps into the fountain to pull coins out.

Of getting her feet wet in the fountain, Kristen said, "I would go again, but this was my first time." Unbeknownst to her, this causes the men whose coins she took to fall in love with her. From no options, to several suitors, who will win her over?

While not giving away the conclusion, Kristen said she "adores" Josh. Meanwhile, he jokes with Kevin that she is clumsy: "She is quite the klutz and I don't know if you noticed, but she's got a gigantic scar on her leg because Dax took her out on a Vespa in Rome and got a 3rd degree burn on her leg."

During his on-screen pursuit for her love, Dax jogs alongside Kristen wearing the same spandex outfit she is sporting. He called the experience "liberating" and admitted, "I rarely steal my wardrobe from movies, but you know that's hanging in my closet."

Many other stars, such as Kristin Chenoweth whipped out their passport to 'Rome.' She told ET that may actually be traveling soon, for real, to Haiti to adopt a child orphaned by the earthquake. She said sincerely, "I'm adopted myself and I have not been able to turn off the TV. I've been very moved by what I've seen, so I think that could be a real possibility for my life."

You'll be able see all the hysterics and clumsiness when 'When in Rome' shatters into theaters on Friday.

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