Jean Baptiste Lacroix / 1 / 7
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / 1 / 7

In 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,' mortal Kristen Stewart is torn between the vampires and werewolves. In real life, Kristen dances with wolves at home.

Kristen's family is the proud owners of hybrid wolf-dogs. She told David Letterman on Monday's edition of "The Late Show," ""t's my mom's deal. Maybe it was a bit of empty nest syndrome, she needed to raise more children because they really are hard to take care of."

The exotic pets were gotten from a breeder in Florida. Though high-maintenance, Kristen said they are loving animals and showed a picture of her cuddling with one.

With 'Eclipse' about to hit theaters on June 30, Kristen is wrapping up a worldwide promotional tour for the film. During her travels, she was all about Team Jacob, telling Dave, "I was [traveling] with Taylor [Lautner] on this last one because Rob [Pattinson] was working. We were able to have a lot more fun this time." The crowd erupted in laughs, but she covered her tracks by saying they misunderstood her intentions.

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