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On Tuesday's sixth season premiere of The Hills, Kristin Cavallari faced off against Audrina Patridge, who accused her of going after her on-and-off fling Justin Bobby.

Things have since cooled down.

"We filmed it in May and June, so now it's all kind of blown over," she told Tuesday at the "Unite Unveiled: Gen Art's Fresh Faces in Fashion" event in West Hollywood.

She wouldn't explain why she went after Justin Bobby — "You'll have to see it on the show" — but she told Us "the love triangle" gets "pretty dramatic" as the season progresses.

She said her flirting with Justin Bobby on the premiere "was completely blown out of proportion."

"I think that Audrina and Stephanie [Pratt] were very judgmental and just wrote me off right away without getting to know me," Cavallari, 22, told Us.

She said she has "no problem" with Patridge, 24, whom she hasn't seen since the first few weeks of shooting.

"I think she's a fun, cool girl, so that's not my deal," she said.

What does she think of Patridge's drastic transformation since the first season of The Hills?

Cavallari laughed.

"I'm not commenting on her plastic surgery," she told Us.

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