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Kristen Stewart's relationship with the paparazzi has apparently gone from uneasy to downright unpleasant. Long uncomfortable with the attention that has come from playing Bella Swan, the sullen squeeze of everyone's favorite sparkle vamp, the "Twilight" star is openly expressing her frustration.

On Sunday, paparazzi caught her sucking on a cancer stick on a hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia, where she's promoting the heck out of "Eclipse" with co-star Taylor Lautner. Unhappy with the intrusion, Kristen, 20, gave the shutterbugs a double flip-off while still holding her cigarette between her lips.

A little later, the flashbulbs once again sent the actress's middle digits upwards, this time during a jet boat ride around Sydney Harbor with Lautner.

"She was just in a bad mood because of the photographers," an eyewitness tells Radar Online. "She sprinted along the wharf trying to get away. She was swearing at them and tried running into a restaurant, but the door was locked. She was saying, 'Stop taking my picture.'"

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So deep does Kristen's lensmen loathing run that she spends a good portion of her sit-down with the July issue of Elle UK talking about how violated she feels by their presence.

"What you don't see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre intrusive questions being asked, or the people falling over themselves, screaming and taunting to get a reaction," she says. "All you see is an actor or a celebrity lit up by a flash."

If Stewart had stopped there, she would have been fine. She might have even elicited sympathy over her loss of privacy. But then she overstates her case by comparing the spotlight that has brought her worldwide fame, untold riches, limitless professional opportunities and a rumored boyfriend in her on-screen leading man, Robert Pattinson, to a horrific and heinous crime.

"It's so ... The photos are so ... I feel like I'm looking at someone being raped," she states. "A lot of the time I can't handle it. It's [bleeped]. I never expected that this would be my life."

And we never expected K.Stew to sound so insensitive. Yeah, it sucks that the paparazzi won't leave her alone, but then again, she recently enjoyed a hush-hush getaway with R.Pattz at a luxury hotel without a single image being snapped.

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At least she softened her stance during an interview on Monday with an Australian radio station.

"When there are photographers outside it's annoying for five minutes and then you get back to your life," said Stewart (via the Herald Sun), who joined Lautner in greeting the 4,000-plus screaming Twi-hards who turned out for their Sydney press conference on Monday night.

And contrary to her apathetic reputation, "It really bothers me when people write nasty [bleep] about me and the perception is that I don't give a [bleep]," Kristen points out to Elle UK. "It could not be further from the truth."

As for her love life, "People always ask me if I'm dating Robert," she allows. "It's beyond annoying."

When the reporter walks through that slightly opened door with the obvious question, Stewart tap-dances around an answer.

"What I say is, that, why would I want anything that's private to become entertainment for other people?" she opines. "People say that if I just tell them everything I'll be left alone, but God, you think if I tell people they'll leave me alone? They pick up every little scrap, and that's much worse."

Still, the interviewer implies that Kristen willingly, if nervously, showed off a picture of Pattinson posing with his arm around her and her kitty.

"It's so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things," says the actress. "You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it's such a different thing. It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up."

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