Lauren Dukoff / Promotional 1 / 10
Lauren Dukoff / Promotional 1 / 10

By Jennifer Odell

Techie eyes are turned towards the President and Lady Gaga this weekend as the two most popular Facebookers in the country near a record 10 million Facebook fans.

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On Friday morning, Barack Obama was leading Gaga by about 30,000 fans, according to CNN. But in just a few hours, Gaga's fan count hit 9,162,832, pulling her ahead of Obama, whose fan count had only hit 9,122,063.

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Both are on track to surpass the 10 million mark this weekend, a record for any living person. But they have a ways to go before they topple the social networking site's biggest fan draw, Michael Jackson, who had clocked in 13,285,811 fans as of Friday, the one year anniversary of his death.

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Facebook, which has more than 400 million users, nears its user milestone a year after Ashton Kutcher challenged CNN to see who could pick up one million followers first. The terms of the bet involved a charity donation of mosquito bed nets for World Malaria Day. In April of 2009, the actor won the challenge, reaching the followers goal just 30 minutes before CNN caught up.

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