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By Michelle Lanz

If any pop star has the world in her hands it's the phenom Lady GaGa. Every single she releases is a hit, and lengthy feature articles have already been written about her upbringing and her climb to the top. Now Esquire is adding another chapter to the GaGa media encyclopedia.

In the latest issue of Esquire, Gaga's best friend and former DJ, Brendan Sullivan, offers a glimpse into the 24-year-old's life first as Stefani Germanotta, a go-go dancer and starving artist, then as Lady GaGa, the dominating pop star with a sold-out world tour.

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He insists that the firecracker has just gotten started on her plan for world-domination. "There is a musical government, who decides what we all get to hear and listen to. And I want to be one of those people," she once scrawled in one of Sullivan's notebooks.

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The article talks about their late nights on then GaGa's Lower East Side apartment, dreaming of future superstardom, then the phone call that changed everything.

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"That was the best phone call of my life," Sullivan recalls GaGa once saying. It was Bert Paddell, an entertainment manager, calling to say he heard her record and wanted to take over her business. "Oh my god. Can you imagine if we had a tour?" she asked, before blurting out, "I am going to take over the world."

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It seems like she's pretty damn close to achieving her goal, and she hasn't even been on the Earth for a quarter of a century.