A representative for actor Larry Miller has confessed he played down the actor's freak head accident last year, now admitting that, at one point, his client was in a life and death situation.

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The character actor was hospitalized last April after falling and knocking his head on a sidewalk. He was treated in an intensive care unit for major skull trauma, but the 59-year-old's injuries were far more serious than anyone realized. He had to be placed on life support for a month after he slipped into a coma.

His spokesman, Michael Hansen, tells People, "He was hovering between life and death. It's a miracle he woke up. ... He's lucky to be alive."

Miller is still recovering and working to regain basic brain function, but he knows the outcome could have been much worse, stating, "I'm very thankful to have recovered from a traumatic brain injury so quickly."

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Miller is known for his work in such television shows as "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Seinfeld" and the feature films "The Nutty Professor," "Princess Diaries," "Runaway Bride," "Valentine's Day" and "New Year's Eve."