It was an election night nail-biter on "Dancing with the Stars," with both Rick Fox and Kyle Massey in danger of being sent home. Who did the voters re-elect and who got the boot? Read on for the spoiler-filled recap!

Three-time NBA champ Rick and his pro-partner Cheryl Burke were tossed from the proverbial arena, despite receiving strong scores from the judges the night before.

"It's been a transformational journey for me. It's been amazing. My relationship is transformed with my girlfriend [actress Eliza Dushku]. My daughter -- it's the most enjoyable time having her here and sharing this with me as well," Rick said, his voice quavering with emotion.

"Cheryl, amazing job working with a tall, jolly green giant," he joked, alluding to his green suit.

Also on the results show, musical guests Rod Stewart and Taylor Swift performed.

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