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By Brenda Rodriguez

Can't get enough of "Glee"? Well, neither can we. That's why we were stoked to get a few minutes with star Lea Michele to dish about working with Dove Hair Care, her dream guest star and her nine tattoos. That's right, this lady is no buttoned-up Rachel Berry, but Lea does pay homage to our favorite gleek with some Berry body ink. Check out our interview below.

Wonderwall: Thanks for doing this for Wonderwall! So Rachel's all about buttoned-up blouses and knee socks. How would you describe your personal style?

Lea Michele: Very comfortable -- I love my boyfriend jeans, comfortable T-shirts. You know, I don't wear a lot of makeup when I'm not working. I don't try to do too much to my hair, just keep it very simple. I'm from New York so I definitely have a little bit of a New York side to me, too.

Wonderwall: Who would you say is your style icon?

LM: I really love Nicole Richie. She always looks really good.

Wonderwall: And why is that?

LM: It's a really great combination of boho chic but she always looks comfortable and yet put together at the same time.

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Wonderwall: So what would you say is your favorite spring trend at the moment?

LM: I'm really into -- very excited, now that we're done filming I can get my nails done -- like different colors on my nails because I don't think that Rachel really experiments very much with different colors. I plan on getting some bright nail colors and stuff like that. I'm super excited, I'm working with Dove on their new hair-care line. They came up with a new formula for their new line and it's really amazing because I go through every day the works of getting ready to play Rachel -- straightening my hair, blow-drying my hair. I have natural, curly, curly hair and it's so great that with this new product that I use allows me to do whatever I want to my hair and Dove takes care of the damage for me. I'm so honored to be working with them, their message is so great and very similar to what we talk about on the show. Believing in who you are and being comfortable and happy with who you are. And Dove is also the official sponsor for our Glee Live tour so we thank them very much for that.

Wonderwall: Speaking of the tour, I imagine rehearsals must be pretty grueling. How do you keep your energy up with so much going on?

LM: I think that I eat very, very well. I follow a macrobiotic diet, I drink a lot of water and I work out -- yoga -- I'm not a very big gym person. So I think if you put better things in your body you definitely see it on the outside. And I try to get as much sleep as I can!

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Wonderwall: So I know you are done with "Glee" now, so for the new season if you could pick a guest star, who would you love to have on the show?

LM: I've always said Justin Timberlake. He's amazing. He's a fantastic comedic actor, singer, dancer. He's almost too perfect for "Glee."

Wonderwall: Do you think Rachel would flip out with Justin Timberlake on the show?

LM: I think she definitely would but I think it'd be funny if he played the school janitor or something like that. It would have to be totally different.

Wonderwall: You've got the tour, so much going on. How do you spend your downtime when you do have it?

LM: I try to rest when I can. I love having my castmembers come over; a few of the castmembers came over a few weeks ago, and I made them watch "Paranormal Activity." They thought it was so scary; Kevin [McHale] will never forgive me. But, you know, we hung out, had some pizza. I also love to cook. Whenever I can get to Whole Foods and cook at home, I love that.

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Wonderwall: Do you have a specialty dish?

LM: Well I'm a vegan so I don't eat eggs or dairy but I make a pretty good tofu scramble for breakfast.

Wonderwall: I read somewhere that you have nine tattoos.

LM: I do!

Wonderwall: Do you think that Rachel would be horrified?

LM: Yes. She probably wouldn't like it.

Wonderwall: And what's your favorite? Can you share a couple with us?

LM: I have a couple. I have two musical notes on my shoulder and a little gold star on my wrist for Rachel Barry. Gold stars are her signature. I got the gold star in Chicago sometime in September. In honor of Rachel.

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Wonderwall: She'll always be with you no matter what.

LM: No matter what.

Wonderwall: So lastly, we were just wondering ... We know you're on Twitter. If you could have one celebrity follow you, who would it be and why?

LM: Hmm ... I don't know; that's a tough one. I'm not very good with the technical stuff. I was doing an interview before and they told me I didn't Twitter enough! I guess they're right, my last tweet was last week. Apparently people Twitter or tweet everyday.

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Wonderwall: You should tweet on your tour.

LM: I definitely will and I promise to get a little more hip with that stuff.

Wonderwall: Well thank you so much for everything and good luck with the tour.

LM: Thanks. And you can go to to get special backstage footage of our tour and more information about the new Dove line I told you about.

Wonderwall: Thanks!

LM: Thanks, bye!