Cosmo / Promotional 1 / 6
Cosmo / Promotional 1 / 6

By Kat Giantis

Any second now, we expect Lea Michele to belt out a rousing rendition of "I Am Woman (Hear Me Roar)." The reason: Some motherly types are clutching their pearls over her so-called "sexy" cover shot for the March issue of Cosmo.

At issue is the 24-year-old starlet's gaping, perilously plunging black dress, an ensemble that's not nearly as titillating as the butt-cheek-baring hot-pink lingerie and knee socks she sported in November's GQ, or the topless pose she struck in Marie Claire UK.

But it's apparently enough of a change from the sensible cardigans and ladylike plaid skirts Lea wears as straitlaced Rachel Barry on "Glee" to cause a (minor) parental outcry.

"I think Lea Michele is sending the wrong message," one New York mom gripes to FOX News. "She plays such a 'good girl' on 'Glee,' and a lot of kids look up to her persona. Then she poses very provocatively on two magazine covers, which makes my almost-13-year-old son very confused and offended."

So offended that he's probably hiding said magazines under his mattress to peruse indignantly (or something) at a later date. Moving on …

"It's irresponsible to be using an adult who represents a minor dressed in provocative clothes," fumes another mother. "I think Cosmo is now taking advantage of the ruckus GQ caused with their 'Glee' cover and hoping to cash in on the press that got."

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Inside Cosmo, the actress, who will sing "America the Beautiful" at the Super Bowl on Sunday, reveals her not-exactly-Charlie-Sheen-esque idea of naughtiness: "Take a shower, put on a robe, pour myself a glass of wine, and Skype with Theo [Stockman, her boyfriend of two years]. That's the best."

In a statement, the mag says it's "thrilled" to have Lea on the cover and "thinks she looks stunning," before reminding everyone, "Michele is a grown woman and Cosmopolitan is a magazine is for adults."

What do you think of Lea's cover? Too much or just enough? Tell us in the comments.

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