@leandunham / Instagram 1 / 11
@leandunham / Instagram 1 / 11

Lena Dunham is looking a little lighter on her toes these days.

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The "Girls" actress, who credits fitness with helping with her OCD, depression and anxiety, posted a new photo to her Instagram account on May 11 where she looks about as slim as we've seen her.

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"Late to @tracyandersonmethod & forgot my workout clothes so had to snag a size large bra and size small pants (wrong in myriad ways,) she wrote. "But do we soldier on? Yes, yes we do because we want to be a strong & happy lady #largebrasmallpantscantlose."

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Although she's keeping her sense of humor about her unintended fashion choices (those yoga pants are particularly bad,) there is nothing funny about her weight -- Girl is looking good!