Picture Perfect / Rex USA 1 / 11
Picture Perfect / Rex USA 1 / 11

Double trouble! Two of Hollywood's leading men — and notorious playboys — hit the town together, and it was a sight for sore female eyes.

It seems that despite their age gap, Leonardo DiCaprio, 40, and Justin Bieber, 21, have developed a friendship. We don't exactly know how much they have in common, but they both seem to fancy beautiful women… Don't we all!

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Leo and Justin were spotted leaving West Hollywood, Calif., hotspot 1 OAK together on March 21 with a bevy of beauties by their sides.

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The two tried to remain as low-key as possible, with Leo wearing an Irish-style flat cap and Justin in a fedora. It's hard to stay under the radar, though, when you're Leonardo DiCaprio and Justin Bieber.

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The two haven't always been buddies. Last year, Leo apparently supported Orlando Bloom in his short-lived "war" with Justin that pitted Orlando's ex Miranda Kerr in the middle. That seems to be water under the bridge now for Justin and Leo.

Hollywood nights may never been the same.