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Masatoshi Okauchi / Rex USA 1 / 7

Leonardo DiCaprio says he's "feeling great" about his upcoming 40th birthday in November, and to celebrate, the hard-working actor will be taking a well-deserved break. Speaking to "Extra," the Golden Globe winner -- who filmed "The Great Gatsby," "Django Unchained" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" back-to-back -- says he's planning to relax this summer.

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"To me, right now it's about getting a little breather -- getting some time off," DiCaprio explains. "Not a permanent break or not an indefinite period, but you know, just a few months off to do some other things."

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Though he's excited to take some time off, the actor also acknowledges the many privileges his career has afforded him. "I have absolutely nothing to complain about," DiCaprio says. "There's a certain price to everything, but every time I listen to myself talk about those prices I get sick to my stomach because I'm so fortunate to do what I do. Really, I'm a lucky person."

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DiCaprio is currently single -- his famous exes include Gisele Bundchen, Blake Lively and Erin Heatherton -- but the actor admits he's open to the idea of marriage. "I take it as it comes," the L.A. native says. "We'll see what happens in the future. I don't try to determine what the future will be. I take it day by day."


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