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Animal rights activists became enraged after more than 50 exotic animals that had escaped from a private park in Ohio were shot by authorities this week.

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Speaking out on Twitter, Leonardo DiCaprio joined the protest, pushing for more regulation of the industry that allowed the tigers, lions, monkeys and bears to fall into the hands of an irresponsible owner who set them free.

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"Sad situation & proof we need better regulation to protect both animals & people NOW," the "J. Edgar" actor tweeted. He also included a link to a CNN article confirming that all of the animals that had been released were now accounted for -- and dead.

DiCaprio, who is the spokesperson for the World Wildlife Fund's Save Tigers Now campaign, later tweeted information about the WWF's mission, writing, "#SaveTigersNow RT @World_Wildlife: Tragic images from #Zanesville Help by signing on to protect captive tigers."

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With DiCaprio's help, the organization seeks to protect the estimated 3,200 wild tigers that remain in the wild, as well as those in captivity.