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Kevin Mazur / WireImage 1 / 17

In our ongoing series of Weezy's thoughts on life and love: "I'm so settled in my life right now," he told MTV.

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"I have my kids; they're wonderful. My daughter has her career ahead of her now. I have to focus on that, and I have to put in the same focus that I put in my career. I want to become a better father, I want to become a better man to my woman, and those things take time, and [that] time takes away from [the rap game]."

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"So the honest answer to the [retirement] question is, I don't know [if I'm ever retiring]. Maybe so. I'm not sure; I'm not gonna Brett Favre y'all, I'm not gonna draw it out. Is Wayne gonna do this? The honest answer is I don't know." [MTV]

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