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Fern / Splash News 1 / 17

Lindsay Lohan blames a mechanical fault for her terrifying car crash on June 8, 2012, according to a new report.

The "Mean Girls" actress was treated in hospital for minor injuries after her hired Porsche collided with a truck on the Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles.

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The driver of the 18-wheeler trailer truck, identified only as James, told TMZ.com the accident happened after Lohan swerved into the lane he was occupying and crashed into his vehicle from behind.

Now a pal of the shaken actress has revealed Lohan slammed on the brakes when she realized a collision was imminent, but the Porsche failed to slow down and she was powerless to prevent the collision.

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But James is still adamant the actress was at fault, telling TMZ, "I was already in that lane. The witnesses that came and left me their information said this woman was flying on the freeway... She came over and hit the back of the truck. There's even a video... of this whole incident. I was going about 40 miles an hour... (and) I felt a nice-size jolt."

Lohan, who totaled the Porsche in the crash, is co-operating with police, according to her spokesman Steve Honig.

He says, "She has answered all their questions and provided them with everything they have asked for."