Humberto Carreno / StarTraks 1 / 13
Humberto Carreno / StarTraks 1 / 13

Lindsay Lohan has done her not-so-hard time.

The 25-year-old actress checked into a Los Angeles County jail on at 8:50 p.m. Monday -- and was out by 1:40 a.m. Sunday, the Associated Press reports.

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Serving a 30-day sentence related to her most recent probation violation, Lohan was behind bars at the County Regional Detention facility in Lynwood, Calif. for under five hours, thanks to overcrowding.

It was the fifth jail sentence overall for Lohan, arrested twice in 2007 for drunk driving. Judge Stephanie Sautner gave the former Disney star her sentence last Wednesday after she missed 14 out of her 19 court-mandated psychotherapy sessions and canceled 12 of her 20 self-appointed downtown women's center visits.

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She will avoid serving an additional 270 days in jail if she performs 12 days of community service at the morgue and attends four psychotherapy sessions before December 14.

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The embattled actress, who posed for Playboy last week and later crashed the afterparty for Leonardo DiCaprio's J. Edgar premiere before turning herself in, is not allowed to leave California without her new probation officer's approval (with the exception of holidays).

"From what I can see of you, you need a structure. And this is a structure," Sautner told her Wednesday. "If you do all of this, then by March 29, you just go about your business and you obey all laws."