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Lindsay Lohan's Christmas is going from bad to worse.

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She's reportedly set to lose a lot of personal belongings after racking up a $16,000 debt at a storage facility.

The actress has allegedly fallen behind on her monthly payments to keep the items locked up, and they will be placed on the auction block if she doesn't bring her account up to date, reports TMZ.

Lohan placed her items in storage in Los Angeles earlier this year after moving out of her Venice, Calif., home following the arrest of a trespasser on her property in January.

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She moved into a suite at the Chateau Marmont Hotel before spending the summer with her family in her native New York, and it appears keeping storage payments up to date hasn't been a big priority.

Her latest problem comes just a day after a Los Angeles judge revoked the actress's probation from a theft charge, amid allegations the actress lied to police officers after crashing her Porsche in June.

She now must wait for a hearing scheduled for Jan. 15 that could land her behind bars for a year.

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