@lindsaylohan / Twitter 1 / 13
@lindsaylohan / Twitter 1 / 13

Photoshop fail. Lindsay Lohan is catching flack from the Twitter-verse after posting a selfie of her tiny waist. Fans, however, noticed something off about the image.

Lindsay intended to let her nearly 9 million Twitter followers know that she was jumping on the celebrity waist-training craze by showing her wearing the tight corset, but fan noticed the stairs behind her a bit distorted, prompting many to believe the photo wasn't exactly legitimate and that Lilo cinched in her waist with a photo application.

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"Photoshop is hard," one fan commented. Another followed it up by saying, "Another photoshop fail."

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It appears that Lindsay has taken down the image that she captioned, "Just received my waist trainer from @nowaistclique!! #LovingIt http://nowaistclique.com #majorsituation."

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The former child star has felt the wrath of the Internet before for allegations of photoshopping. Several weeks ago fans went after her for posting a photo that showed her thighs suspiciously slim.

Whether it's on vacation or online, it seems like Lindsay can't catch a break.