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By Melissa Hunter

It seems that the job crisis has subsided... at least, for Lindsay Lohan. After landing a role in Robert Rodriguez's new movie last month, she has now secured a gig as an "artistic adviser" for Paris fashion house Ungaro. Get ready for some haute couture liquid leggings and super posh tanning spray, guys.

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Lohan will be working with the chief designer Estrella Archs, who also is a new addition to the label. Emanuel Ungaro, dubbed by Who's Who of Fashion as "possibly the greatest couturier of all time," sold his line back in '96 and since then, the popularity of the label has dramatically dropped. Especially in this economic state, the label is struggling for profitability much like many other traditional high-end fashion lines. People aren't buying impulse $800 pashminas like they used too. Weird.

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The chief executive of the company, Mounir Moufarrige, said that the move to bring Lindsay No-Pants on the team was like "electric shock treatment." I have a feeling this isn't the first time Lohan's actions have been likened to electric shocks.

Gotta hand it to Moufarrige that he doesn't put up much of a front regarding his motivations behind the decision. He explains, "I looked at several [celebrities], and they all had the same ingredients. If you are a celebrity, you may be controversial and prone to a lot of problems, but you attract a lot of attention.... The girl is good-looking. If I have bad taste, then the fashion editors have bad taste."

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All right, as much as we'd like to, we can't really argue with much of his statement. Lohan does in fact attract a lot of attention and she was (at one point or another) deemed good-looking. Whether this is the right kind of attention for the line is yet to be determined. If all else fails, they surely could make a killing in hair extensions and jean cutoffs.