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By Molly McGonigle

Lindsay Lohan's legal team has had a busy few months. And with Lohan's next court date looming at the end of the week, her lawyers are working overtime trying to figure out what will happen to the starlet.

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According to E! Online, while Lohan has been busy inside the Betty Ford rehab facility, Lohan's lawyers have tried to schedule meetings with Judge Elden Fox. However, Judge Fox is refusing to meet with the legal team. In light of the judge's reluctance, Lohan sources told E! Online that the lawyers are preparing for the worst. Which means real hard jail time.

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The source said, "They were hoping he'll give her 30 more days at Betty Ford, but because of this odd silence, they are kind of expecting the worst from him."

Lohan is not expected to be released from the Betty Ford Center before her court date on Friday, but instead will go straight to court and then, presumably, to jail.

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