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By Kat Giantis

Lindsay Lohan is inching back into the limelight by linking herself to stars with actual jobs. Over the last couple of days, the quintuple-rehabbed cautionary tale, 24, sent tweets to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian ("love you girls!") and denied whispers that she's hooking up with a sought-after actor.

"Tom Hardy is just a friend of mine," Linds wrote on Monday. "The tabloids are wrong."

A couple weeks back, the "Inception" star was quick to distance himself from claims that he was serving as Lohan's "sober mentor," although his rep acknowledged that he knew her and was "helping her" in some capacity.

Hardy, who has been on the wagon since 2003, just landed a bad-guy role in the next "Batman" movie, news that led one outlet to refer to him as Lindsay's "rumored beau."

"He's a good-looking guy with a great career who has overcome some major obstacles," a source told X17. "They're perfect together. Lindsay hopes it will turn into a serious relationship. She's really into him."

The rising British star, for his part, is really into actress Charlotte Riley, whom he proposed to in July 2010.

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Meanwhile, in other image-burnishing Lindsay news, she's apparently vowing to stay away from her favorite watering holes. Yes, again. And this time (unlike those other eleventy-billion times), she means it.

Seems the onetime actress wants nothing more than to curl up at home with cup of cocoa and a copy of "Eat Pray Love," because sources tell TMZ that she's "completely over the club scene."

In a seemingly revelatory moment, Linds figured out that being around bad influences might not be the healthiest thing for someone in recovery, so she's resolved to quit her hot-spot-hopping and avoid "the people that only used her to party."

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No word on where that leaves mom Dina, but Lindsay did step out over the weekend with her longtime buddy Patrick "Pootie" Aufdenkamp, with whom she had a major falling out last year after he supposedly swiped designs from her leggings line (he denied the accusations).

Lohan told Us at the time, "I should've known better."

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