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Lindsay Lohan's life would be a lot less complicated if she just stayed home with a romance novel and a cup of hot cocoa every now and then.

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Just days after the starlet had a late-night tête-à-tête with ex Samantha Ronson at New York hot spot Butter (after a reported matchmaking assist from John Mayer), she's found herself linked to both Jessica Alba's husband Cash Warren and pocketsize "Entourage" star Kevin Connolly.

Us Weekly claims she hit a "new low" on Nov. 19 at Los Angeles club Villa when she made "lip on tongue" contact with Warren, who was partying sans the sought-after mother of his 18-month-old daughter, Honor Marie.

"It was raw," a picture-painting eyewitness says of the purported makeout session. "They were not shy!"

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Adds another scandalized onlooker, "It was a shock to see the two of them kiss, but it was real."

But LiLo, who in recent weeks has shot down rumored saliva-swaps with Balthazar Getty and Gerard Butler, is once again denying as fast as she can.

"This is so absurd. He is married. I wouldn't dare kiss him," she insists to the mag, seemingly while clutching her pearls in distress.

She offers further details to Gossip Cop, explaining that she's simply working on a TV project with Warren (insert eye roll here).

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"It's strictly business," maintains the Michael Corleone-quoting actress, who co-stars with Alba in the forthcoming flick "Machete."

Linds is also pouring cold water on a story from In Touch that contends she's been "sneaking around" with longtime acquaintance (and Nicky Hilton ex) Connolly after supposedly "hooking up" with him in mid-November while partying at Leonardo DiCaprio's pad.

"It's not serious yet, but they seem to have some sort of physical connection," opines a source. "Lindsay isn't sure what's going to happen, so for now she wants to keep things quiet."

Sayeth the Lohan of the report: "Hahahaha! Nooooo. What's wrong with people?"

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