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By Katie Mathewson

There aren't many actresses who can rival Lucy Liu in terms of talent, class, and fashion sense. Playing Joan Watson on "Elementary" has finally allowed Lucy to break free from the Chinese-American stereotypes of some of her other iconic roles, like Alex in "Charlie's Angels" and O-Ren in "Kill Bill." Now, the actress is giving back to the Girl Scouts, displaying her art at an exhibit in Manchester, and gearing up for an all-new season of CBS hit show "Elementary."

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Wonderwall: We love your red carpet style! Lately, some of your looks even remind us of the iconic Sherlock Holmes. What inspires your fashion?

Lucy Liu: "We like to mix things up a little bit and keep it really fresh. We'll go from a Versace metal, very structured dress to a Carolina Herrera flower dress that has a very 'Marie Antoinette' style. We try to keep it different and constantly moving so that it's never predictable."

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Wonderwall: We hear you're donating the Girl Scouts a collectible Alex doll [from the "Charlie's Angels" franchise]. When you look back on that time in your career, what feelings do you have?

Lucy Liu: "It was just such a fun time. It's amazing to become one of these iconic characters for other girls, like when it was Farrah Fawcett for me when I was younger. [They were] superheroes, you know?"

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Wonderwall: You're working with Nestlé to promote the return of the Nestlé Crunch Girl Scout candy bars as a part of your ongoing relationship with the Scouts. How'd that start?

Lucy Liu: "Well, my goddaughter ... today is her birthday, actually. I'm giving her a shout out. She's turning 9 and she joined the Girl Scouts last year. That's when I really started becoming more involved."

Wonderwall: Have you witnessed any major changes in your goddaughter since she joined?

Lucy Liu: "I don't want to say she's a young lady, but she's kind of coming out of her shell and becoming more confident [by] selling cookies and becoming more involved in her community. She's growing up and understanding money ... and now, she's exchanging money with people. You know, dealing with math and change. It's sort of like independence, and it's really special to see that."

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Wonderwall: Do you have a pretty big sweet tooth? What are you going to buy when she comes knocking at your door?

Lucy Liu: "Oh, I've already bought like a ton of things from her, but this candy bar is really cool because they've [added] Nestlé Crunch, which I was obsessed with as a kid ... They've got peanut butter and they've got coconut and caramel and then they have, of course, the famous Thin Mint that everyone knows."

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Wonderwall: We have no idea how you can eat all of that and look the way you do. Be honest -- how hard is it to keep up your incredible figure?

Lucy Liu: "I always enjoy having sweets, but I don't try to overdo it. So I will -- like, a couple hours after a meal -- have something, maybe one or two candy bars, or have a cookie or a muffin. I don't ever say no to a cookie because in the end, I wind up binging anyways."

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