On the one-year anniversary of his death, three of the people closest to Michael Jackson during his career reveal how they prepared him for his final goodbye.

For over 25 years, Dennis Tompkins, Michael Bush and Karen Faye costumed and made up Jackson for appearances and performances. In an interview with ABC News, they explain how they became friends with the man behind the myth -- and why his family turned to them after his death.

"Nobody else could have [done it]," his makeup artist Karen said tearfully. "It was an honor ... I knew how he wanted to look. So I did it for his family and his children."

Stylists Dennis and Michael crafted entirely brand-new clothes for Jackson's funeral, using various elements from his favorite costumes over the span of his career. They say they worked on him for an exhausting nine hours, even helping to place him in his casket.

Though they kept details of his outfit private, Dennis designed a crown to give the King of Pop a proper farewell.

"When the casket was brought in at Forest Lawn, Prince, Paris and Blanket lifted it and put it on the center," he says.

One item that wasn't included was his famous white sequined glove. "To Michael, the glove was Billie Jean," Michael said. "That represented that song. That's not Michael Jackson."

Their full interview, including private photos and video, can be seen tonight on the "20/20" special "Michael Jackson: After Life" on ABC at 9 p.m. tonight.

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