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Johns PKI / Splash News 1 / 12

She's one of those actresses who can deftly handle comedy ("The Comeback"), action ("Watchmen") and the occasional musical (the upcoming "Rock of Ages"). But she's also one of those cute-as-a-button types who knows how to work a red carpet, hence her appearance at Fashion Week's "Project Runway" show. Wonderwall got a chance to talk with Malin Akerman about her style, as well as about her time on the "Wanderlust" set, which she shared with Jen Aniston and Justin Theroux as they fell in love.

Wonderwall: What was working with Justin Theroux and Jen Aniston on "Wanderlust" like?

Malin Akerman: Great! I loved it. Everybody on that set was absolutely wonderful.

WW: What would surprise us about Jen?

MA: I don't think you'd be surprised! Jen is the sweetest person you've ever met. She really is. You couldn't find a lovelier person.

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WW: And Justin?

MA: Same thing. He's hilarious. He is extremely bright. Just really loving and caring. It was a magical set where everyone really got along.

WW: You did karaoke with them. Do you remember what you sang and what they sang?

MA: Ah, I do not remember! Something from "Grease." "Summer Lovin'"! I did that one with Ken Marino.

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WW: You weren't surprised at all when they got together?

MA: I wouldn't say I wasn't surprised. You're always surprised in life! I think we were all just happy for them, because they are two good people. I'm just happy that they found love!

WW: What's something in your wardrobe you'll never throw away?

MA: I have a pair of jeans that are literally falling apart, and I keep bringing them to the cleaners to get patched up. They're Paige denim. And they fit like a glove. The color is perfect. You know. They're perfectly worn jeans.

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WW: What celeb's style do you love?

MA: There is one celeb I always love watching, and that's Cate Blanchett. I think she's timeless and so stylish. She's such a woman. I think she's fantastic.