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Little Suri Cruise, the five year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, is often spotted wearing heels while out having fun, but this news shocked one of the most famous shoe designers in the world.

Manolo Blahnik, the man whose shoes are Carrie Bradshaw's most famous addiction, recently was asked at what age should women start wearing heels, with Suri wearing them since she could walk, and his shocked reaction is in the video obtained by RadarOnline.com.

"I don't know that lady," he says in the interview with New York Magazine about Suri Cruise. The reporter explains that she is the daughter of Tom and Katie.

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"They have a daughter?" the famous Spanish shoe mogul asks. "Does she wear high heels?"

When he is told that she does indeed wear high heels, he is shocked!

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"That girl is destined to be a victim of a high heel!" Manolo Blahnik exclaims.

Suri is often called the best dressed celebrity child, but maybe now she will only wear flats?


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