Maria Menounos has boyfriend envy.

In the July 4-24 issue of The Improper Bostonian, the Extra co-host admits to crushing on Stacy Keibler's beau of nearly a year, George Clooney. "Not to step on Stacy's toes, because she's a good friend of mine. . . but he's a great filmmaker and a great actor, and I really admire his skill. He's a true philanthropist. He's charming and courteous. And he's George Clooney."

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But the love Keibler, 32, and Clooney, 51, share doesn't compare to that of Tom Hanks, 55, and Rita Wilson, 55, according to Menounos. "They're what it should be. They're a great family," she raves of the couple, who wed in 1988. "Amazing, normal, down-to-earth, genuine people. They love each other. I look up to them."

Menounos, who's been dating producer Keven Undergaro for several years, admits she doesn't  get nervous when interviewing A-list celebs. She does, however, "get starstruck with wrestlers," she says. "I grew up watching it, and at WrestleMania I got so giddy."

Though Menounos, 34, has grown tired of reporting on Lindsay Lohan, she's happy to dish about her high-profile pal Kim Kardashian, 31. "Kim's my friend. She's a very successful working woman who had an unfortunate marriage, which a lot of people go through," she explains. "There's no comparison."

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As for the best perk of her job? "It's different every day, and I get to try really crazy things I probably otherwise wouldn't get to do," Menounos tells The Improper Bostonian. "Sing backup for Justin Bieber? Be a Dolly Parton impersonator in Vegas? Who wouldn't love to do that?"

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