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RD / Kirkland / Retna Digital 1 / 6

By Molly McGonigle

Mariah Carey is in negotiations to join the judges panel on "American Idol," sources are saying.

Insiders say that Mariah Carey is eager to take over the remaining seat, since Steven Tyler's deal is pretty much done. Mariah has seen the success her husband, Nick Cannon, has had with "America's Got Talent," and she thinks joining "American Idol" would be a brilliant career move.

Nick Cannon has already been plugging Mariah as the only thing missing from "American Idol."

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FOX thinks that Mariah and Randy Jackson already have pre-existing chemistry, which will be great with Steven Tyler rounding out the judges table. There are also rumors that FOX wants to have a fourth seat available for guest judges.

When approached for a comment, Mariah's rep said there is nothing to confirm or deny, yet. Stay tuned for more details.

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