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Marilu Henner was unforgettable as Elaine Nardo on "Taxi," and there's probably nothing about that experience that she's forgotten either.

On last night's "60 Minutes," she was spotlighted as one of six people in the world known to have hyperthymesia, or superior autobiographical memory. The rare condition allows her to remember nearly every day of her life, running back several decades.

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During her "60 Minutes" segment, Marilu was quizzed about everything from what day of the week certain dates fell on, to what she ate at certain meals, to when she first wore certain shoes. So where was Marilu on October 26, 1976? "1976 was a Tuesday," Marilu said. "Oh, I went to shoot a ring-around-the-collar commercial in Venice, Italy. And you saw a second-and-a-half mood shot of Venice and then a gondolier singing, 'Of Love I Sing, tra-la-la-la, for you got ring around the coll-la-la.' And I went, 'My powder didn't work.'" Ding-ding-ding, that's right!

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The actress, who penned her autobiography in 1994 and is releasing a memoir about her rare talent this spring, feels blessed to have her special gift. "I've always loved having this memory," she told Leslie. "I feel as an actress and writer it has been indispensable and as a mother and as a wife certainly."

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