In new video from Sky News, Martin Sheen comments on his son Charlie's struggles with addiction in the media spotlight.

"He's an extraordinary man," Martin said of his son. "If he had cancer, how would we treat him? ... The disease of addiction is a form of cancer."

In the interview, Martin and his son Emilio Estevez were promoting their new film 'The Way' when the conversation turned to the topic of their embattled family member.

"You build up an immunity I guess," said Emilio when asked how he deals with the constant questions from reporters concerning his brother's aberrations.

"You realize that we're not all on the same journey all the time, yet we have to love that much more," Martin added.

In January, Charlie Sheen's show "Two and a Half Men" was put on hiatus after the actor announced that he would voluntarily enter rehab.

Charlie has expressed plans to resume shooting the show this month.

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