Rich Polk / Getty Images North America
Rich Polk / Getty Images North America

It's official: Max Greenfield is our dream guy! Not only is the "New Girl" star handsome and hilarious, he's also apparently a total neat freak. Editor Jessica Wedemeyer caught up with the Emmy nominee -- who teamed up with real estate blog Trulia to launch their new collaborative home search boards -- to get the scoop on the chore that dominates his life, the latest with his daughter, his plans to expand his brood, how he totally failed at baby-proofing his home and more. Read the highlights below! What did you learn about yourself from Trulia's Buyers-Diggs home personality quiz?

Max Greenfield: "I realized what a neat freak I am. There are a lot of questions about [whether or not] you like a tidy household or differentiations about how often you clean the bathroom. I go, yeah, pretty often -- after every use, really."

WW: So you do all the cleaning at home?

MG: "I feel like I do a lot of cleaning. I don't know if you ever have this experience where you're doing dishes and you go, 'I feel like all I ever do is clean in this house.'"

WW: Tell us about the worst place you've lived.

MG: "A lot of the living situations I've been in I think of fondly. My wife tends to think some of them were too small or had problems. We were just talking about a place that we lived where we actually had our first kid and there were no electrical outlets. It was a duplex, and it was very old. There was maybe one electrical outlet in every room, so we had a lot of those [surge protectors]. The power was always going out in the place. And the walls were so old. I don't know what was inside of them, but the Internet didn't go through. You had to set up and use different Internet ports in different rooms. [My wife] will think about that place often and not be too happy about it."

WW: Did you learn a lot about electrical wiring during that time?

MG: "I was terrible with it. There would just be wires everywhere -- and we had this newborn in the house. People were like, 'Hey, I think you should hide all those wires.' And we were like, 'That's probably not a bad idea.'"

WW: Any roommate horror stories?

MG: "I don't think I had any awful roommates. I lived in one house when I first moved out to L.A., and there were a couple guys there -- but they were all great. Other than that, I don't have many awful roommate stories. … It was five guys in one house. But now with ['New Girl'], I feel like I live with all those people in that loft and that gets kind of kooky."

WW: Would you say your current home is your dream home?

MG: "We're definitely very happy. We both really wanted a house that was very open, where if you're in the kitchen, you can see the living room … which we have and we love. So while I'm doing the dishes -- because all I do is clean -- I can see our daughter making a mess in the living room."

WW: What's your daughter into these days?

MG: "She's just a real dancer. Her and her mother are excellent dancers, and they often have dance parties in the house. They exclude me. My daughter tells me that I dance incorrectly. Choreography is a problem for me. We just shot an episode of ['New Girl'] with choreography, and once again, it just dominated me. It's like learning German. It's just embarrassing and humbling and you realize how terrible you are at all that."

WW: Any plans to add to your brood?

"I don't know. We're in negotiations. Maybe!"

WW: "New Girl" was just renewed for season five. What's coming up for Schmidt and the rest of the crew?

MG: "We've got some really cool stuff happening at the end of this season, which changes things for [Schmidt] and Cece. Hopefully that will continue into season five, and we'll see where that takes us."

WW: Zooey Deschanel is expecting her first child. How is she doing?

MG: "It's great for Zooey. She's going to be a great mom. And she's probably going to have to buy a new house soon and baby proof the whole thing."