Now this is definitely a good thing!

Martha Stewart's first grandchild, Jude, made her online debut over the weekend.

Radio host Alexis Stewart, 45, shared a photo of her brand-new baby girl, born via surrogate March 7, on her blog

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Alexis, 45, spent years struggling to conceive before turning to surrogacy. In 2007, she went on The Oprah Winfrey Show and revealed that she was spending $20,000 a month on fertility treatments. "Having my own kid is the most important thing in my life," she said at the time. "I'm trying everything I can."

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Now that the baby is finally here, Martha, 69, is already spoiling Jude. Shortly after the her 1:00 am delivery, she showed up with a huge box from NYC's tony Bergdorf Goodman department store filled with embroidered baby clothes.

"I'm like 'Wow, I guess I'm going to be allowed to buy myself something pretty nice because all this stuff is going back!' Alexis said on her radio show Whatever with Alexis & Jennifer.

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"If the kid can't see it, why the $100 [outfits]? Only books, child appropriate or whever: that's the only thing that I want. No toys please!"

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