Cosmo / Promotional 1 / 5
Cosmo / Promotional 1 / 5

The March issue of Cosmopolitan has been pulled from a Brookshire's grocery store in Texas after complaints about "Glee" star Lea Michele's cleavage on the magazine cover.

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The store owners have replaced it with a notice requesting patrons to ask for it from their customer services counter, according to

A customer tells the website she was told the cover "wasn't appropriate" for display.

Some readers and parents have said the actress should cover up because her on-screen alter ego, high school student Rachel Berry, is seen as a role model for young viewers.

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A similar magazine stir hit Sir Elton John last month after his family cover shoot, featuring partner David Furnish and new son Zachary, was covered up with a "family shield" by a retailer in Arkansas in a bid to "protect" shoppers.

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