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By Jen Odell, with reporting by Mary. S. Park

With some time off from wreaking social havoc as the evil Georgina Sparks on "Gossip Girl," Michelle Trachtenberg stopped by the I Heart Ronson Celebrates Fashion's Night Out shindig in New York on Friday night. Wonderwall caught up with the actress at the fashion event to talk about fall beauty trends, her new project, and why she's not letting a certain tabloid's comment about her feminine figure get her down. "I'm really an advocate for health and curves and being a woman, so anybody who says otherwise they can go," she told us. Point taken.

Wonderwall: What brings you to Charlotte Ronson's party tonight?

Michelle Trachtenberg: Charlotte and I have been friends for years and I've always been a fan of her Charlotte Ronson line.

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WW: What do you love about it?

MT: I just absolutely love it when a designer does a more global line that's more affordable, so that I know I'm wearing something my fans can also pick up. I just think Charlotte has such a great aesthetic.

WW: What inspires your personal style?

MT: I guess I'm sort of like an elegant, rocker-y tomboy: I'm definitely more of a jeans girl. When I do wear dresses there's a little bit more of a [rocker] vibe, but because I'm so pale and long limbed, there's always -- I hope -- a little bit of grace to it as well.

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WW: What trends in beauty will you be wearing in the fall?

MT: Laura Mercier and Armani are the only foundations I use. They're amazing. The black eyeliner is my favorite: Lancome liquid eyeliner. It's perfect: the felt applicant, the little tiny applicator. It's the best black eyeliner you can get.

WW: There is. Are you still designing your own line of jewelry for Coach?

MT: This [piece I'm wearing] isn't mine. I actually took a hold on all the design collaborations because I'm producing my own show.

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WW: What's the show all about?

MT: It's not something I can give too many details about it, yet. But it's something that I've wanted to do for a very long time and I feel if an actress has longevity, then she's going to create and produce and be involved in the entire process.