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By Brenda Rodriguez

Oh, Mickey Rourke. Always trying to impress the ladies on the red carpet. And by ladies, I mean me. The actor showed up to the "Iron Man 2" premiere armed with his beautiful Russian model-girlfriend, and stopped to chat with us on the red carpet. Check out what ol' Mickey had to say about superpowers, his pet parrot and playing Iron Man's nemesis Whiplash.

How did you train for the role of Whiplash in "Iron Man"?

Mickey Rourke: Basically I had to lose a lot of weight for "The Wrestler" so it was a lot of light weight lifting, cardio, high-protein diet ... it was just trying to take off some of the size I put on for that movie.

How did you like Whiplash's gear?

MR: That wasn't bad it was only 40 pounds.

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So if you could have one superpower, what would it be?

MR: I would like to disappear.

Why is that?

MR: Why not? So I could sneak into your room!

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Um, OK. So how did you like playing a villain?

MR: It feels good. It felt comfortable.

I hear you have a parrot. Does it make an appearance in the movie?

MR: Yes, I've got a parrot, Sonny Boy Cologne. I used another guy in the movie named Elvis.

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Speaking of pets, any new additions to the family?

MR: I've got a new pet named Moosh. It's a little Pomeranian.

Can't wait to see Moosh on the red carpet soon!