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Actress Mila Kunis might headline A-list films, but when she's looking for entertainment, nothing scratches her itch like Snooki.

Kunis, a self-described reality TV junkie, appeared on Jimmy Fallon Monday, and Fallon (also an admitted reality TV buff) asked her what she watches, specifically.

"What don't I watch?" the gorgeous 27-year-old ex of Macaulay Culkin told Fallon. "Apparently I love New Jersey, because I watch 'Jerseylicious' and 'Jersey Shore.'"

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Kunis said she's really looking forward to watching Snooki's antics on the upcoming fourth season of Jersey Shore.

Snooki "hits a police car, and I don't even think the car was moving!" Kunis said in amazement. "It was parked!"

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The "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star, 27, added she's also a big fan of "Top Chef," "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" and "Mob Wives."

Kunis made headlines last week when she agreed to accompany a marine to a Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina this November.

Her sexy new flick "Friends With Benefits," co-starring Justin Timberlake, hits theaters on Friday, July 22.


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