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Miley Cyrus landed on the cover of the May issue of Glamour magazine, opening up about her boyfriend, her body, her celebrity role models (both Angelina AND Jen!), and being a role model herself for her kid sister. Click through for a preview of the feature, and check out the full interview at

On her figure:

"One thing that bugs me is people who say, 'Miley really needs to lose some weight,' or, 'She got her boobs done.' I did start out really skinny, but you're not going to have boobs when youre 12 years old. I'm like, What are you talking about -- let me grow!"


On her older boy:

"I don't feel like I'm doing anything wrong, and I'm ready for people to accept it. My fans already accept it--they just want me to be happy. And I haven't been that happy in a few years...working so hard, moving to L.A. from Nashville, going through a bad breakup [with Nick Jonas]. I'm finally happy again, and I think that is reflected in my music and my work. So honestly, I don't feel like there's anything to hide. And I love him so much I don't really care." (View Miley's Entire Glamour Photo Shoot.)


On her celebrity role models:

"This is actually funny. I'm a huge Jennifer Aniston fan and a huge Angelina Jolie fan. Jennifer Aniston can put on a plain black dress, with plain makeup and hair, and look so stunning. Angelina always looks so comfortable in her own skin: At a premiere she was wearing a pantsuit--what woman throws that on and looks smoking hot? She's also changed every couple of years, going from wild child to being a mom and having a normal life. And Jennifer Aniston bounced back after her divorce. She could have gone crazy with so many different guys, but she didn't. If anything like that ever happens to me, I'm like, 'Pull a Jennifer, Miley!' She is so classy."


On her family:

"The last thing I ever want to do is disappoint my family. I think it's selfish to go out partying all the time, especially if you have little ones [in your family]. I have a nine-year-old sister, and I don't want her to go to school and have people make fun of her for it." Check out the Miley Cyrus Guide to Style.


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