@mileycyrus / Instagram 1 / 11
@mileycyrus / Instagram 1 / 11

She knows that Guac is extra!

Miley Cyrus showed off her beauty regimen on Instagram on Aug. 5, and it is enough to make any burrito lover proud! The controversial singer slathered her face with guacamole, showing off her tasty face mask.

"Avocado obseshhhhh is mad real!," she captioned the Shrek-tastic snap, showing her with one eye open, and wearing a pink hair turban.

Following the in-your-face guac job, Miley posted several avocado-faced snaps with friends. Apparently it was a fruit-filled night. She shared one image with friend Sarah Barthel, who who also wore a food mask. "Gurllllz night," she captioned the image. And then she posted another, with friend Jesse Light. "Avocado has gone to a whole notha level!," she said while giving a guacamole-centric duck face to the camera.

Miley, as we know, is hugely active on Instagram, often posting bizarre images. Last month she returned to her roots, heading to Disneyland with rumored girlfriend Stella Maxwell. The group of girls, which included some of her guacamole-faced buddies, had a great time at Disneyland and shared their magical moments on Instagram.

Miley and the Victoria's Secret model rode The Hollywood Tower of Terror, or as the former "Hannah Montana" star referred to it, the "tower of turnt."

She also posted a pic of herself and Maxwell suggestively sharing a churro.

Churro. Guacamole. Anyone else getting hungry?